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When you give light
When you share wisdom
When you share yourself with another person
When you believe in a stranger
You speak from the heart to the heart

Is saving a child from suicide worth it?
Is sending a young person with a rap sheet to college worth it?
Is peeling back the layers of someone crippled with fear worth it?
It’s more than worth it – for there is no price tag to hope
Hope saves lives

You are here to inspire the world
To rescue the Embattled Soldiers
To be a Solider of Love
To win the Emotional Sickness War
Are you ready?
See you on the battlefront!

Are you a leader of an organization or non-profit that wants to do more for your community? Are you ready to partner up with us to make a bigger difference?

Love Soldiers is excited to partner up with you. Let’s start the conversation today. Fill out the form below.

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If you have ever felt the need of serving, of making a difference, of elevating others, Love Soldiers is for you. We need as many Love Soldiers in as many cities as possible to make a difference.

Fill out the form to get started. One of our representatives will be in touch for an interview.

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